Our Story

In 2020 Artistic Director Angela Paz Hoey started formulating the idea of Some Small Show and what it would represent. This came years after knowing that at some point in her life she would start a theater company.

Angela grew up in Steel City, a small steel town in Bethlehem, PA. From a young age she had been involved in theater. Angela moved to New York City as an adult, where she studied at various acting schools. After a few years back and forth from NYC to PA, Angela had the opportunity to interview with acting teacher Fred Kareman. She studied with him for 4 years learning the most life changing lessons on how to act and how to live truthfully on stage and in life. In that same Carnegie Hall Studio is where she met her husband, Andy.

Angela worked professionally as an actor and stage manager during her years in New York City. She toured with the Society of Educational Arts for over a year as a Latina bilingual Cinderella and also performed in plays such as Blue Window, Walking to America, Evening of Durang, Green, and The Illusion, to name a few. NYC is where she started dabbling in the director's chair, doing very small shows at a particularly run down dilapidated theater in the theater district. It was what inspired her to revisit this role years later.

The life of Some Small Show began as Angela ran an inter-generational Theater Arts Program for North Community Church from 2017-2020. As things evolved Angela knew she wanted to have a creative outlet for adults in the community. Angela invited friend Liam Lowney to help in the efforts. The stars aligned and they involved friends Tara Young, Lindsay Van Kauwenberg, John Camp, Marc Cregan, and Andy Hoey. Their first test-run showcase was in May of 2022. It was a success in bringing the community together for a fun night out. With guidance and generous efforts from NCC members Molly DeOrsay and Stephen Halko-Sheehan, Some Small Show began as its own non-profit. Some Small Show has been given residency at the NCC Parish House, 83 Old Main Street, Marshfield.

As the Artistic Director of Some Small Show, Angela is dedicated to building a theatrical community that grows in diversity and creativity.

Learn more about who we are in a recent wickedlocal.com article: "This Marshfield group brings live theater to intimate setting, while also giving back" (subscription required)

Founding Members

Angela Paz
Liam Lowney
Lindsay Van Kauwenberg
Andy Hoey
Marc Cregan
John Camp
Tara Young